Reduce product and portfolio complexity

Number of parts of a product and the number of products on a portfolio increase complexity exponentially. We help our customers making complexity transparent. Getting visual insights about complexity allow to identify which product generate profit and which ones only increase complexity and operational cost.

Distribution Network Analysis

Ananke Analytics provides expert knowledge about distribution networks to help our customers to optimize the location of their Distribution Centers and Warehouses. Our objective is to help our customers to decide between cost and customer service level.

Inventory Management

We know inventory could represent an important asset of your company. Let Ananke Analytics help you to analyze the optimal level to get a leaner flow of materials.

Customer Segmentation and Profit Map Analysis

Between 30-40% of total accounts in a business are unprofitable. Ananke Analytics provides analysis to redefine your customer segments to secure your best customers and reduce your unprofitable ones.

Procurement Analysis

The cost of raw materials represents between 80-90% of a product in assembly companies. Ananke Analytics provides cost analysis of your suppliers to optimize the network providing more flexibility to our customers.

End-to-end Supply Chain Analysis

End-to-end Supply Chain Analysis provides an entire vision of your operations from suppliers to customers. It is the most completed analysis Ananke Analytics provides to our customers to allow them to assign resources where most are needed.

Data Visualization

When data is complex and volume is big it is difficult to take any decision only looking at tables. We develop dashboards, maps and graphs to make visual data.