CEO/ Company Director

Ana has a keen interest in lean manufacturing methodology when applied into processes. Continuous improvement is an important goal in every project she is involved with. Her capacity to learn fast, lead cross-functional teams and to explain complex problems with clarity, make her an exceptional project leader.

She has developed strong analytical and explanatory skills which allow her to understand both the big picture and the small details of a problem. She is then able to identify the weakness in the process and propose robust and effective solutions.

Ana has a reputation as an energetic and motivated manager who has the ability to motivate others. Whilst analysis and planning are important, the successful realization of any project is determined by the daily execution of tasks which enable ongoing progress.

Master Degree in Industrial Engineer by UPM and Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management by ZLOG-MIT are her core degrees. Curses on procurement, sustainability, project management, leadership, communication and international trade complement her knowledge.